Sharky the Shark Kids Beanbag


Introducing Sharky the Shark Kids Bean Bag Chair - the perfect addition to your child's playroom. Our playful and durable bean bag chair by Second Story Home offers hours of fun and entertainment. Its lightweight and body shaping technology provides comfortable support for your child's body, making it the perfect spot for them to lounge, read, or play with their toys.

Upgrade your child's playroom with Sharky the Shark Kids Bean Bag Chair by Second Story Home today. The chair boasts a playful design that is sure to spark your child's imagination, while its durable construction is built to withstand even the most active playtime. Don't settle for a boring chair - give your child a unique and exciting seating option they'll love. Order yours today and take playtime to the next level!


  • Playful and durable design
  • Lightweight and comfortable support
  • Perfect for lounging and reading
  • Sparks child's imagination

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